Skin Pigmentation Treatment


Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Everybody wishes to have a shining skin. A skin with no spots, spots, dull lines, or stamps is a fantasy of all. In any case, because of a few regular and synthetic factors, our skin begins building up a few colors with time. A few reasons including presentation to coordinate daylight, contamination, spots, pigmentations, and numerous more could prompt the pigmentation of the skin. On the off chance that you are stressed and cognizant over the same, at that point Sowmya Skin Clinic is here for your assistance.
Pigmentation could be an aftereffect of skin staining caused because of uneven skin conditioning, hormonal changes, maturing, thus more. Our specialists at Sowmya Skin Clinic guarantee the best skin pigmentation treatment in Hyderabad for viable pigmentation evacuation.The best skin pigmentation treatment facility in Hyderabad.
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Professional Treatment for Pigmentation

Sometimes home remedies and skin care products simply don't work. If you are at a loss for how to treat pigmentation, it might be time to speak with your doctor about professional treatments to whiten the skin.

1. Prescribed Creams

There are many creams that might work by blocking the production of melanin. It works with a product called hydroquinone, a chemical that lightens the skin. Since these can be very powerful creams, they require a doctor's prescription. There are other creams that contain mild steroids or mild acids that slough away the darker skin and leave lighter skin in its place. However, keep in mind that these can be irritating, and can cause redness before the true benefits are achieved.

2. Depigmentation Peels or Masks

Some masks might contain chemical peels that lighten your skin. These masks contain ingredients that block the production of melanin, as well as work to lighten the darker areas already there. The treatment usually begins in a doctor's office, where the mask is applied. It continues at home with prescription creams meant to complement the initial treatment. Though these can cause some peeling of the skin, the effects are often clear, and the treatment is tolerated well by most individuals.

3. Laser and IPL Treatments

If the first two treatments don't work, it might be time to move to more drastic measures. The IPL treatment uses a fine light to target darker patches of skin, causing the patches to scab over and fall off. The laser treatment removes a damaged layer of skin so that a new layer of skin can grow in its place. These treatments might not be suitable for everyone, however; it is important to have an in-depth analysis of the pigmentation of your skin to determine which of the more invasive treatments are right for you.

No matter what treatment you ultimately choose, trying home remedies first can be beneficial. It is always best to try the most natural ingredients possible first, before moving to prescription drugs or more invasive procedures to remove the pigmentation.

Pigmentation Machine

Fractional Mode delivers a high peak energy pulse while sparing much of the epidermis. Rich-PTP mode distributes high peak energy into a rapid double pulse allowing for optimal tissue interaction. It is a Quasi-Long Pulse (Pulse width 300 micro sec's) utilizing the 1,064nm wavelength for deep penetration. It combines thermal lifting and toning by using the fundamentals of selective photothermolysis. Its proprietary Fractional hand piece serves a unique purpose. Its Fractional allows for peak energy and absorption into targeted chromophores while reducing bulk heating. This capability leads to faster clearance without recurrence or PIH.