Stretch Marks


Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch mark treatment at Sowmya Skin Clinic eliminates stretch marks from various areas including tummy, upper arms, thighs, etc. Stretch marks are embarrassing and can lead to loss of confidence. Our clinic offers proven stretch marktreatment that is completely customizedto your condition and requirement. If you are looking for reliable stretch mark treatments in Hyderabad visit our clinic today!
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Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks or stripes that occur when the skin is stretched too quickly. Stretch Marks are caused by Pregnancy, puberty, and rapid weight gain.
There is little medical evidence available confirming the effectiveness of current treatments for stretch marks.
Stretch marks often fade over time without treatment and do not pose any serious long-term health risks.

Stretch marks are not physically dangerous but can cause problems with self-image and anxiety. For some people, stretch marks are a significant cosmetic concern that can affect day-to-day living.